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The Initiative.IG Infrared

IG Infrared’s goal is to establish “heating with infrared” as a recognised, standard heating solution for buildings. The electricity needed for this purpose shall preferably be obtained from renewable energies. In light of the energy transition currently underway, increasing consideration is being given to renewables.

Energy generation and distribution, as well as heat emission in buildings, shall become key components of holistic building concepts, as is already the case with regard to particularly innovative projects.

Affordable HeatFor Private Households.

All those involved in developing heating systems have responsibilities in respect of human life and the environment.

IG Infrared members are committed to responsible heating and to acting in an environmentally-friendly way. That’s why IG Infrared provides information and advice on more efficient building concepts in conjunction with infrared heating systems.

Heating with infrared – simple. cosy. warm.

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Why is heating with infrared – using self-generated electricity from renewable energies together with an energy-saving system – the future?

What exactly does infrared heating do? It’s very simple: Not only do infrared heat rays heat air in rooms; they also heat all surfaces and individuals inside the room. The heat is saved by the building envelope and by objects and is released back into the room in a uniform way. Thus, cosy heat is emitted from all directions. Straightforward electrical installation, no heat loss, installed in just a few easy steps. A comfortable room climate with no dispersion of dust, environmentally-friendly, maintenance-free and completely safe.

And the best part: electricity can be obtained from renewable energies and battery storage. Let’s be honest: the era of irresponsible consumption of wood, coal, oil and gas heating resources, with deforested woodland and smoking chimneys, should be firmly consigned to the past. The way forward: We produce the electricity we consume ourselves. Self-generated electricity can, of course, be used for all electrical consumers. This results in less withdrawal from the power grid.

Our formula for this: Clean electricity generated from a photovoltaic system, increased private consumption using battery storage, complemented by low-cost, “green” infrared electricity from the grid. All that’s missing is a well-insulated house…once we have that, cosy warmth with the highest possible feel-good factor is guaranteed.

IG Infrared’s vision: heating with infrared as standard in buildings. As part of this process, electricity from renewable energies shall preferably be used.

Heating with infrared – simple. cosy. warm.